Saturday, 14 December 2013


Batiste dry shampoo 'hint of colour deep and dark brown' 200ml: Love this version since the plain ones can leave a stronger powdery white in your hair especially if it's darker, which means it just that takes longer to blend in/brush out defeating the purpose of this being quick, given this is something I tend to use when I'm in hurry. This blends in so well with brown hair but since it's coloured it will rub off on your hands too fyi!

Victoria's Secret fragrance mist, Aqua Mist 'rain-kissed freesia and & daisy' 250ml: The rain kissed phrase makes me chuckle, one of my favourites from all the mists I've bought (I went cray when the new stores opened in London and ended up with far too many mists and body butters) I loved the smell of this, it's more of a grown up floral scent not something too rosy.

Soap and glory 'the daily smooth body butter' with Rosehip seed oil and Cocoa butter 50ml:
Smells nice and it does the job but there's just better ones around in my opinion. It's nice to use as a hand cream too which I found myself doing a lot since it's a mini version.

The Body Shop, Aloe Gentle facial wash [sensitive skin] 125ml: A 'skin comforting foam proven to cleanse without irritating' This is super gentle and although I don't really have sensitive skin it was really nice to use on days I didn't want to use anything too harsh or I just wanted to be more gentle towards my skin - also a good product to use for a double cleansing routine.

L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray, extra strength, sleek perfection: My favourite hairspray I'll always repurchase this, smells the best out of all the hairsprays I've tried and has a decent hold that doesn't feel sticky. Best. Hairspray. EVAAAR.

Dark and Lovely, Ultra cholesterol - conditioning mask for very damaged hair: This is a deep conditioner that 'intensely nourishes' I used this all the time after I really damaged my hair by incessantly dying and bleaching it. Even though I feel my hair's made a pretty good recovery I still like to keep a tub of this lying in the bathroom and I really think it was this stuff alone that brought my hair back to a decent condition in the first place.

Boots Botanics Mattifying gel cream 'Shine away' with clarifying willowbark: I did like this but the fact that it was a gel cream was off putting since I couldn't easily apply it under make up without it flaking, everything else about it was really nice though, smells really nice too. I found out they have a regular cream not gel cream version available too which is what I should've picked up to avoid this problem!

Nip + Fab pistachio sundae body butter dry skin fix 50 ml: This smells divine and such a unique scent too, I got through this so quickly just because of the smell, I just want to buy a huge tub of this stuff now I've been struggling to come across a bigger version of this though - just me?

Nivea hydration daily essentials express hydration primer: Why did this have to run out now?! I could've done with the extra hydration during winter, I have no bad words to say because this was lovely to use [review here] - I just fancied a change so I'm currently using the Bourjois happy light, so far so good.

Natural collection sprays 150ml:
I like these but not as much as the Victoria's Secret sprays so I've just been using them at any and every opportunity so they can actually run out quicker lol (no one else seemed to want to take them off my hands either lol) The apple & lime spray smells so refreshing and I found myself carrying this one around the most. The mango & papaya was a sweeter smell though both smells in general are just a bit too sweet smelling for my liking, but these are so affordable for the amount you get [available here] I've had a sniff of the vanilla version that's in store now and I prefer that scent SO much more.

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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cleopatra - Halloween/Fancy Dress Look

I know halloween is long gone but I really wanted to show you guys this look, and I think it still could be relevant/useful for any fancy dress inspiration. I've never put so much effort into a costume before and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus I didn't want to fork out for props or costumes that I was highly unlikely to use again so I ended up using a lot of the stuff I already had!

Pre bloodstains :) 
My make up was pretty simple for an evening look, I used a big mixture of different gold eyeshadows (old stuff nothing special) and lighter colours from Naked Palette 2, over a tiny dab of vaseline to help it stay put longer and pack on more colour, it held up pretty well though I should really get myself some eyeshadow primer.
  • Face - Maybelline Fit Me in 315, Fit Me Concealer in 35, Ben Nye Banana powder, Sleek contour kit [dark], Sleek 'blush by 3' palette in Pumpkin
  • Lips - Rimmel Lipliner in Tiramusu & Kiko Matte Lipstick in 286
  • Eyes - 2true brown eyeliner, L'oreal million lashes in black excess, MUA brow kit, applied with a thin angled brush, I later used black eyeliner (L'oreal) instead for a more dramatic look and used the same liner to draw on a egyptian eye across one side of my face as shown towards the end.
I think I just went as Cleopatra so I had an excuse to wear a purty headdress really...
I'd been curious to try coloured contacts for a long while and this outfit gave me that push to finally get some. I'm wearing the Freshlook colourblend monthly contacts in hazel, I love these! I couldn't get anything crazy since they aren't available with my prescription too :( However I like that this is a natural looking colour I could wear again, and I was so pleased I've worn them so much since and I even wanna try more colours now. [available here

For the headdress I ended up buying 2, being indecisive me. The one I wear was £7.50 from ASOS [pictured below right] I can't find a link for it anymore though which sucks, it was also available in a dark silver which I wanted to get my hands on too.
[pictured above left] Another I ordered was from Ebay [available hereThis headdress didn't arrive until AFTER I actually needed it, so I had no choice but to go with the ASOS one on the weekend. When I do compare them both the ASOS one was definitely the best for the outfit, and the other was only 2 quid anyway so no biggie.

Since I didnt have an authentic looking ancient egyptian necklace either I worn an old statement one I found lying around instead, (which I've never worn, impulse buy, Primark) that I paired with a sequinned top I have from Republic. Together I felt it made a more glam substitute. Two more things that I already had and never got the chance to wear until now are;
  • Claw nail rings, around £2 each [available here]
  • Clip on fringe, around £4 [available here] - I bought 2 of these fringes about a year ago when I couldn't decide whether or not I should actually cut a fringe for the millionth time (thankfully I spared myself going through that cycle of cutting a fringe, instantly regretting it and then awkwardly growing it out again) Luckily one of them blended in with my hair colour. These aren't something you could wear casually though since it's synthetic so you can see it's fake from a mile away. I liked it for the costume though and it wasn't so bad in the evening, even though I ended up ripping it off anyway since it got so hot under there lol. 
Selfiegram - changed up the look here for the 2nd halloween do and went all out! As you can see my slashed neck miraculously healed by the end of the night.
More awesome costumes - These are the lovely girls I partayed with on halloween - can't wait til next year! 
:( I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my whole outfit but the rest of it was pretty simple compared to the top half of me, I wore a flowy blue chiffon top to bring in that trademark 'cleopatra blue' in, over a black bodycon dress, over the knee socks and creeper wedges. I'm just glad I managed to knock together an outfit without having to spend a lot - the headdresses and the contacts were the only new things I actually bought specifically for this costume, waheyyy.

New OOTD's coming soon, hope you enjoyed reading! X

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

H a u l

Dissertation DONE (finally) so I'm baaaaaack, I've missed blogging :( In this time I've ended up rewarding myself with some bits with every mini deadline I've had, so this stuff has built up over the last few weeks... Ugh I think the only way for me to enforce a spending ban on myself would be to cut my card in half - and that ain't happening so expect more of this in the next month too soz.

Chiffon baseball jersey, H&M, £14.99

High neck mesh long sleeve top with lace, Primark, £9

heart like print navy chiffon long sleeve, H&M, £12.99

Dark gray casual jumper round neck, H&M, £7.99
The colour is more of a dark bluey gray and will really suit more orange skin tones in comparison to a regular gray - already know i'll be wearing this to uni far too much. 

'Disco' burgundy skater skirt dark red, Primark £10 good for the party season!

[left] Flashdance tank, Forever21, £11.50 had to get this soon as i saw it love the style and the cut is flattering.
[right] Grey and black jersey midi skirt, H&M, £12.99 (I think) - just a plain midi skirt but the black sides give it a nice little sporty twist.

V neck low sleeve raglan jumper, H&M, £12.99
- this has a nice relaxed fit and a slightly longer back, it's super comfy and great when layering.

Plaid scarf, Primark, £5
I've used this loads already, such a bargain! An easy way to work plaid into outfits.

Black Shearling gilet - £29.99, H&M
This was good for that transitional period and I could just wear this over a jumper or something but it's getting too cold for that now and I need to invest in a good coat!

Dainty black triangle necklace, Forever21, £2.40
Evil eye dainty silver necklace, H&M £2 (sale)
Gold necklace long crystal, Forever21, £5.65

Sorry if some of the prices are off, I started wearing most of this stuff before posting and forgot to hang onto the receipts, I'm sure that habit will change when I get more used to blogging! There's also a lot of new make up/beauty bits that I'll try to blog about in another post too - Hope you enjoyed reading! X

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Outfit of the Day

Wahey! Finally got some camera gear so I can get outfits posted up :D This one below is just a casual comfy outfit with a smart twist. Which is generally the look I go for as you'll come to see in other outfits! As it gets cooler, more textures come up, useful too since there's so much black, so things like leather, velvet or fur can give a nice edge to an otherwise basic outfit. 

Blazer - Primark
Floral dressing gown - Forever21
Fur Collar - H&M
Vest top - Republic
Bag - Zara
Velvet leggings - New Look
Boots - Primark (see them in detail here)
Necklaces - Primark & Topshop

This is pretty much my everyday make up with the only jewellery being the necklaces. Forgot to load up on rings today! 

Hope you liked my first outfit post! Xo

Friday, 18 October 2013

Fade Out cream review

I haven't suffered from acne but I tend to get horrible breakouts every so often. I'm never patient enough to just leave them alone so I was left with marks that seemed to take forever to fade on their own, that paired with uneven skin tone wasn't a pretty sight. That's where fade out cream comes in, I dab it over spot scars and also any areas of redness or uneven skin tone and with continuous use I definitely notice the difference. It's a product I've always come back to in the past 3 years or so and I feel it makes my skin looks clearer and brighter overall. Someone I know who has a skin condition called CSP also gave this cream a go and found it worked for her scars and redness.

I don't believe this is a lightening cream which is what it initially seems to come across as, which made me wary of using it at first, but since I've used this for a few years on and off and I'm still NC42 I can safely say there's nothing to worry about there. Other reviewers have noted a lighter skin tone but I can't say the same for me. However I would say if you have a tan this may help it to fade it faster than usual.

I wouldn't recommend using this cream under make up as it is a thick cream and can be quite irritating with a bunch of other products applied over it, so I find myself using it either at night or on no make up days. Usually I'm not a fan of thick creams but here although it's thick it doesn't feel greasy and sinks into the skin fairly quickly.

It comes in a 50ml tub full of thick white cream and a little goes a long way so I find it lasts for ages (the tub I'm currently on has lasted about 6 months I think) which is good value considering the price. (Around £8 in Boots) It also comes in other variations, the one I use and pictured above is the original version but there's also day, night, anti wrinkle and eye creams available.

I do feel in the times when I'm not using this, my skin appears more dull, uneven and any scars definitely hang around much longer. So if you're looking for clearer, brighter skin - try giving this a go for 4 weeks and see if it also works for you!

Hope this was useful! Xo

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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Haul - forever21, primark, zara, body shop, boots, lush

Some bits and bobs I've bought in the past month, nothing extravagant, mostly just essentials or staple pieces! So I think most of the beauty bits will be repurchases if they're impressive, and I can see myself wearing the clothes and accessories a lot since they seem so versatile...

Floral dressing gown, Forever21, £16.90
Actually found this in the lingerie section, I'd been looking for a kimono for a while and since it's so pretty I think this will keep that void content instead. Plus I prefer the longer length of this so #giveadamn if it's actually a dressing gown, its so easy to just throw on for a laid back look. Kinda works with that whole underwear as outerwear trend I guess :P

Frill hi-lo chiffon skirt, Forever21, £7.99
Comes with a bodycon skirt underneath. I think it will work well for both a grungy or girly look depending on how it's styled - can't wait to wear it!

Faux fur stole, Zara, £30
As if I needed yet another fur stole/collar in my collection but I couldn't resist this one. I do already have a black fur collar but this one is super long and SO soft. If it's not wrapped around the shoulders it looks like a fur gilet from the front, just to give you an idea of how long it is.

Fedora hat, Primark, £8
One size, also seen that it's available in burgundy too

Midi rings, Primark, £1.50 - bargain! 
Especially when you consider how much a single one can go for in some places. Pleased that there's a choice of colours to mix and match. 

Vitamin E face mist, £8
The smell of this reminds me of baby powder, it says it's good for setting make up - though I doubt it's staying power, it'll be nice to spray over make up for a quick refresh.

Vitamin B SPF 30 moisturiser, the body shop, £12
Love the orange smell! I've been looking for new daily moisturiser with SPF to use on my face and this is one with the highest SPF I could find for a decent price.

Mango & Shea butter soap, 2 for £3 offer, £2 each
I used to use the 'chocomania' scrub soap which smelt amazing but I couldn't find them in store, and since they were on offer I thought I'd give these a go instead, plus I still have the soap and glory 'pulp friction' scrub to get through.

Mineral blotting papers, £5
This isn't really a necessity since tissue could just be used to blot but I prefer this as it doesn't look as weird :P I hate having to do this at all in the first place, but it's a must with my oily skin and has become a necessity to keep in my bag when I'm out and about. I've just finished using the tea tree version which I will post about in an upcoming empties post!

Maybelline fit me foundation, £7.99 & Anti Shine stick, £8.99, both in shade 315
Love this foundation so had to stock up on another soon as I ran out, since I was so impressed I picked up the new anti shine stick, also in the same shade but I find it to be much lighter than the liquid so the colour's a bit off for me, boo.

Maybelline Dream smooth primer, £8.99
I should've known this wouldn't work for my skin but it was an impulse buy, it's odourless and has a gel-like consistency which I've come to learn is just not for me, it feels greasy on my skin. I much prefer primers to feel like they're sinking in rather than sitting on top of my skin. Its smoothing properties work well for my under eye area but apart from that I don't see myself getting much use out of this. Booooo.

Bubblegum lip scrub, Lush, £5
Wanted this for ages and finally got around to getting it! It tastes SO sweet and such a joy to use especially after my horrible experience with the body shop's lip scuff since the smell was so annoying! Can't wait to try the other flavours too, I have my eye on popcorn next!

Hope you enjoyed reading! I have an empties post and a review on the Babyliss curling pro coming up soon ^_^ Xo

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

LFW favourites







6 of my personal favourite lines & pieces. What were yours? Xo

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