Friday, 18 October 2013

Fade Out cream review

I haven't suffered from acne but I tend to get horrible breakouts every so often. I'm never patient enough to just leave them alone so I was left with marks that seemed to take forever to fade on their own, that paired with uneven skin tone wasn't a pretty sight. That's where fade out cream comes in, I dab it over spot scars and also any areas of redness or uneven skin tone and with continuous use I definitely notice the difference. It's a product I've always come back to in the past 3 years or so and I feel it makes my skin looks clearer and brighter overall. Someone I know who has a skin condition called CSP also gave this cream a go and found it worked for her scars and redness.

I don't believe this is a lightening cream which is what it initially seems to come across as, which made me wary of using it at first, but since I've used this for a few years on and off and I'm still NC42 I can safely say there's nothing to worry about there. Other reviewers have noted a lighter skin tone but I can't say the same for me. However I would say if you have a tan this may help it to fade it faster than usual.

I wouldn't recommend using this cream under make up as it is a thick cream and can be quite irritating with a bunch of other products applied over it, so I find myself using it either at night or on no make up days. Usually I'm not a fan of thick creams but here although it's thick it doesn't feel greasy and sinks into the skin fairly quickly.

It comes in a 50ml tub full of thick white cream and a little goes a long way so I find it lasts for ages (the tub I'm currently on has lasted about 6 months I think) which is good value considering the price. (Around £8 in Boots) It also comes in other variations, the one I use and pictured above is the original version but there's also day, night, anti wrinkle and eye creams available.

I do feel in the times when I'm not using this, my skin appears more dull, uneven and any scars definitely hang around much longer. So if you're looking for clearer, brighter skin - try giving this a go for 4 weeks and see if it also works for you!

Hope this was useful! Xo

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  2. It's good reading these type of posts, so honest! love your blog hun:) xx

  3. Great review! Thanks for sharing :)

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  6. hi ya this cream is really good but they changed it again its fadeout brightening original moisturising cream have u used this one pls do a review how good is the new one, thank u