Wednesday, 16 October 2013

October Haul - forever21, primark, zara, body shop, boots, lush

Some bits and bobs I've bought in the past month, nothing extravagant, mostly just essentials or staple pieces! So I think most of the beauty bits will be repurchases if they're impressive, and I can see myself wearing the clothes and accessories a lot since they seem so versatile...

Floral dressing gown, Forever21, £16.90
Actually found this in the lingerie section, I'd been looking for a kimono for a while and since it's so pretty I think this will keep that void content instead. Plus I prefer the longer length of this so #giveadamn if it's actually a dressing gown, its so easy to just throw on for a laid back look. Kinda works with that whole underwear as outerwear trend I guess :P

Frill hi-lo chiffon skirt, Forever21, £7.99
Comes with a bodycon skirt underneath. I think it will work well for both a grungy or girly look depending on how it's styled - can't wait to wear it!

Faux fur stole, Zara, £30
As if I needed yet another fur stole/collar in my collection but I couldn't resist this one. I do already have a black fur collar but this one is super long and SO soft. If it's not wrapped around the shoulders it looks like a fur gilet from the front, just to give you an idea of how long it is.

Fedora hat, Primark, £8
One size, also seen that it's available in burgundy too

Midi rings, Primark, £1.50 - bargain! 
Especially when you consider how much a single one can go for in some places. Pleased that there's a choice of colours to mix and match. 

Vitamin E face mist, £8
The smell of this reminds me of baby powder, it says it's good for setting make up - though I doubt it's staying power, it'll be nice to spray over make up for a quick refresh.

Vitamin B SPF 30 moisturiser, the body shop, £12
Love the orange smell! I've been looking for new daily moisturiser with SPF to use on my face and this is one with the highest SPF I could find for a decent price.

Mango & Shea butter soap, 2 for £3 offer, £2 each
I used to use the 'chocomania' scrub soap which smelt amazing but I couldn't find them in store, and since they were on offer I thought I'd give these a go instead, plus I still have the soap and glory 'pulp friction' scrub to get through.

Mineral blotting papers, £5
This isn't really a necessity since tissue could just be used to blot but I prefer this as it doesn't look as weird :P I hate having to do this at all in the first place, but it's a must with my oily skin and has become a necessity to keep in my bag when I'm out and about. I've just finished using the tea tree version which I will post about in an upcoming empties post!

Maybelline fit me foundation, £7.99 & Anti Shine stick, £8.99, both in shade 315
Love this foundation so had to stock up on another soon as I ran out, since I was so impressed I picked up the new anti shine stick, also in the same shade but I find it to be much lighter than the liquid so the colour's a bit off for me, boo.

Maybelline Dream smooth primer, £8.99
I should've known this wouldn't work for my skin but it was an impulse buy, it's odourless and has a gel-like consistency which I've come to learn is just not for me, it feels greasy on my skin. I much prefer primers to feel like they're sinking in rather than sitting on top of my skin. Its smoothing properties work well for my under eye area but apart from that I don't see myself getting much use out of this. Booooo.

Bubblegum lip scrub, Lush, £5
Wanted this for ages and finally got around to getting it! It tastes SO sweet and such a joy to use especially after my horrible experience with the body shop's lip scuff since the smell was so annoying! Can't wait to try the other flavours too, I have my eye on popcorn next!

Hope you enjoyed reading! I have an empties post and a review on the Babyliss curling pro coming up soon ^_^ Xo

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  1. It looks like you found a great bargain.


  2. I am loving that Primark hat!

  3. Great post - ♥ the midi rings, I went to Primark the other day but didn't see those ones ! :(

    Kisses xo, Selorm.
    She Just Talks |

  4. L o v e the idea of underwear as outerwear! I'm definitely going to steal your idea on your gown/kimono awesome!!
    Young and Foolish Happiness <3

  5. Uh-oh...I really want loads of the stuff you have picked up here ha (sorry bank account). I loveee the body shop, going to get those blotting sheets and the lip scrub! x

  6. lovely haul :) I bought that hat too! really want the lush lipscrub