Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Cleopatra - Halloween/Fancy Dress Look

I know halloween is long gone but I really wanted to show you guys this look, and I think it still could be relevant/useful for any fancy dress inspiration. I've never put so much effort into a costume before and was pretty pleased with how it turned out. Plus I didn't want to fork out for props or costumes that I was highly unlikely to use again so I ended up using a lot of the stuff I already had!

Pre bloodstains :) 
My make up was pretty simple for an evening look, I used a big mixture of different gold eyeshadows (old stuff nothing special) and lighter colours from Naked Palette 2, over a tiny dab of vaseline to help it stay put longer and pack on more colour, it held up pretty well though I should really get myself some eyeshadow primer.
  • Face - Maybelline Fit Me in 315, Fit Me Concealer in 35, Ben Nye Banana powder, Sleek contour kit [dark], Sleek 'blush by 3' palette in Pumpkin
  • Lips - Rimmel Lipliner in Tiramusu & Kiko Matte Lipstick in 286
  • Eyes - 2true brown eyeliner, L'oreal million lashes in black excess, MUA brow kit, applied with a thin angled brush, I later used black eyeliner (L'oreal) instead for a more dramatic look and used the same liner to draw on a egyptian eye across one side of my face as shown towards the end.
I think I just went as Cleopatra so I had an excuse to wear a purty headdress really...
I'd been curious to try coloured contacts for a long while and this outfit gave me that push to finally get some. I'm wearing the Freshlook colourblend monthly contacts in hazel, I love these! I couldn't get anything crazy since they aren't available with my prescription too :( However I like that this is a natural looking colour I could wear again, and I was so pleased I've worn them so much since and I even wanna try more colours now. [available here

For the headdress I ended up buying 2, being indecisive me. The one I wear was £7.50 from ASOS [pictured below right] I can't find a link for it anymore though which sucks, it was also available in a dark silver which I wanted to get my hands on too.
[pictured above left] Another I ordered was from Ebay [available hereThis headdress didn't arrive until AFTER I actually needed it, so I had no choice but to go with the ASOS one on the weekend. When I do compare them both the ASOS one was definitely the best for the outfit, and the other was only 2 quid anyway so no biggie.

Since I didnt have an authentic looking ancient egyptian necklace either I worn an old statement one I found lying around instead, (which I've never worn, impulse buy, Primark) that I paired with a sequinned top I have from Republic. Together I felt it made a more glam substitute. Two more things that I already had and never got the chance to wear until now are;
  • Claw nail rings, around £2 each [available here]
  • Clip on fringe, around £4 [available here] - I bought 2 of these fringes about a year ago when I couldn't decide whether or not I should actually cut a fringe for the millionth time (thankfully I spared myself going through that cycle of cutting a fringe, instantly regretting it and then awkwardly growing it out again) Luckily one of them blended in with my hair colour. These aren't something you could wear casually though since it's synthetic so you can see it's fake from a mile away. I liked it for the costume though and it wasn't so bad in the evening, even though I ended up ripping it off anyway since it got so hot under there lol. 
Selfiegram - changed up the look here for the 2nd halloween do and went all out! As you can see my slashed neck miraculously healed by the end of the night.
More awesome costumes - These are the lovely girls I partayed with on halloween - can't wait til next year! 
:( I didn't get a chance to take pictures of my whole outfit but the rest of it was pretty simple compared to the top half of me, I wore a flowy blue chiffon top to bring in that trademark 'cleopatra blue' in, over a black bodycon dress, over the knee socks and creeper wedges. I'm just glad I managed to knock together an outfit without having to spend a lot - the headdresses and the contacts were the only new things I actually bought specifically for this costume, waheyyy.

New OOTD's coming soon, hope you enjoyed reading! X

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  1. Love this look, I see exactly what you where going for!
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  3. oo I love this! Suits you so well, I also adore your hair <3
    UK High Street Fashion Blog

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! Look so effortless!!! Eye colour suits you really well too :-)

    Beauts! xoxo

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  6. This is such a beautiful look, great post xx