Saturday, 14 December 2013


Batiste dry shampoo 'hint of colour deep and dark brown' 200ml: Love this version since the plain ones can leave a stronger powdery white in your hair especially if it's darker, which means it just that takes longer to blend in/brush out defeating the purpose of this being quick, given this is something I tend to use when I'm in hurry. This blends in so well with brown hair but since it's coloured it will rub off on your hands too fyi!

Victoria's Secret fragrance mist, Aqua Mist 'rain-kissed freesia and & daisy' 250ml: The rain kissed phrase makes me chuckle, one of my favourites from all the mists I've bought (I went cray when the new stores opened in London and ended up with far too many mists and body butters) I loved the smell of this, it's more of a grown up floral scent not something too rosy.

Soap and glory 'the daily smooth body butter' with Rosehip seed oil and Cocoa butter 50ml:
Smells nice and it does the job but there's just better ones around in my opinion. It's nice to use as a hand cream too which I found myself doing a lot since it's a mini version.

The Body Shop, Aloe Gentle facial wash [sensitive skin] 125ml: A 'skin comforting foam proven to cleanse without irritating' This is super gentle and although I don't really have sensitive skin it was really nice to use on days I didn't want to use anything too harsh or I just wanted to be more gentle towards my skin - also a good product to use for a double cleansing routine.

L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray, extra strength, sleek perfection: My favourite hairspray I'll always repurchase this, smells the best out of all the hairsprays I've tried and has a decent hold that doesn't feel sticky. Best. Hairspray. EVAAAR.

Dark and Lovely, Ultra cholesterol - conditioning mask for very damaged hair: This is a deep conditioner that 'intensely nourishes' I used this all the time after I really damaged my hair by incessantly dying and bleaching it. Even though I feel my hair's made a pretty good recovery I still like to keep a tub of this lying in the bathroom and I really think it was this stuff alone that brought my hair back to a decent condition in the first place.

Boots Botanics Mattifying gel cream 'Shine away' with clarifying willowbark: I did like this but the fact that it was a gel cream was off putting since I couldn't easily apply it under make up without it flaking, everything else about it was really nice though, smells really nice too. I found out they have a regular cream not gel cream version available too which is what I should've picked up to avoid this problem!

Nip + Fab pistachio sundae body butter dry skin fix 50 ml: This smells divine and such a unique scent too, I got through this so quickly just because of the smell, I just want to buy a huge tub of this stuff now I've been struggling to come across a bigger version of this though - just me?

Nivea hydration daily essentials express hydration primer: Why did this have to run out now?! I could've done with the extra hydration during winter, I have no bad words to say because this was lovely to use [review here] - I just fancied a change so I'm currently using the Bourjois happy light, so far so good.

Natural collection sprays 150ml:
I like these but not as much as the Victoria's Secret sprays so I've just been using them at any and every opportunity so they can actually run out quicker lol (no one else seemed to want to take them off my hands either lol) The apple & lime spray smells so refreshing and I found myself carrying this one around the most. The mango & papaya was a sweeter smell though both smells in general are just a bit too sweet smelling for my liking, but these are so affordable for the amount you get [available here] I've had a sniff of the vanilla version that's in store now and I prefer that scent SO much more.

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  1. I love the Nip and Fab Pistachio Sundae body butter! My local Savers does all the 250ml tubs for £1.99


    1. Ah thanks for letting me know, will bear that in mind! :D Xx

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  3. thanks for sharing !


  4. These sound like great products!!! I hope you've replenished your supplies. :-)

  5. I love Victoria Secrets products!! And Dark & Lovely, is great for our hair type.
    I found your contact as you follow a blog I do , I'd love it if you came to check out my blog, I blog on fashion and now fitness and maybe if you like it we could follow each other!

    Love Aimee,
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  6. Great empties, that is my favorite hairspray as well!
    Love your blog!


  7. I got that soap and glory moisturiser as well! It's so good

  8. I absolutely love empties posts! Love reading these.

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog :)

  9. Hey! This is a great post, I love Victoria's Secret body mists and fragrances. I recently purchased Pure Seduction and I am going so fast through it, I will need to repurchase soon!
    Just to let you know, I have nominated you for the Liebster award! All the details are on my blog if you would like to do the post!
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  11. we love our Batiste shampoo! We've gone through a few and have some back ups just in case!! They're definitely great for the days when you're just to bothered to get into the shower!

  12. thanks for ur comment and invitation hun!!!!
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  13. Nice, great products :)