Tuesday, 10 December 2013

H a u l

Dissertation DONE (finally) so I'm baaaaaack, I've missed blogging :( In this time I've ended up rewarding myself with some bits with every mini deadline I've had, so this stuff has built up over the last few weeks... Ugh I think the only way for me to enforce a spending ban on myself would be to cut my card in half - and that ain't happening so expect more of this in the next month too soz.

Chiffon baseball jersey, H&M, £14.99

High neck mesh long sleeve top with lace, Primark, £9

heart like print navy chiffon long sleeve, H&M, £12.99

Dark gray casual jumper round neck, H&M, £7.99
The colour is more of a dark bluey gray and will really suit more orange skin tones in comparison to a regular gray - already know i'll be wearing this to uni far too much. 

'Disco' burgundy skater skirt dark red, Primark £10 good for the party season!

[left] Flashdance tank, Forever21, £11.50 had to get this soon as i saw it love the style and the cut is flattering.
[right] Grey and black jersey midi skirt, H&M, £12.99 (I think) - just a plain midi skirt but the black sides give it a nice little sporty twist.

V neck low sleeve raglan jumper, H&M, £12.99
- this has a nice relaxed fit and a slightly longer back, it's super comfy and great when layering.

Plaid scarf, Primark, £5
I've used this loads already, such a bargain! An easy way to work plaid into outfits.

Black Shearling gilet - £29.99, H&M
This was good for that transitional period and I could just wear this over a jumper or something but it's getting too cold for that now and I need to invest in a good coat!

Dainty black triangle necklace, Forever21, £2.40
Evil eye dainty silver necklace, H&M £2 (sale)
Gold necklace long crystal, Forever21, £5.65

Sorry if some of the prices are off, I started wearing most of this stuff before posting and forgot to hang onto the receipts, I'm sure that habit will change when I get more used to blogging! There's also a lot of new make up/beauty bits that I'll try to blog about in another post too - Hope you enjoyed reading! X

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  1. Love that baseball tee x


  2. Omg I loove that baseball jersey Iove the different take on the usual style like its chiffon! And that leather gilet is just awesome too! Beaut pieces doll!xo